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About ME: Hi! my name is Mable, 28 years old from Warren: My favorite movie "Delta of Venus (film)" and favorite book about sex "Malice Aforethought". I know it seems like my interest is really only sex (which it is!!) but i do have others. I believe that the relation to animals can show us a person`s attitude to the surrounding world and people around him. I like music, reading, watching movies and traveling. Maybe starting out with a no strings attached but i need the real thing. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Laura Prepon! I'm looking for a nice gentlemen to talk to, erotic text exchange and maybe more.

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ATKhairy: Luna Leve - Proletarian Movie

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DESCRIPTION: Straight Guy Anxious for Pointers I got letters from straight women with advice for men on the whole pussy-eating subject. Why haven't these letters appeared in this column? Well, I have a bias:


Haya Hamad: Keep telling sjw there are other women out there who are ready to take their place in the gene pool.

Atif Rasheed: Clearly, nothing says you mean business better than when you unbutton the top of your shirt!

Cls3nabi: That Netherlands guy is such an idiot!

Ruisen H: The actual persons voice is much more profound then differens spanish dialects

Vadim Melcov: This is not the flag of Catalonia its a flag o the independence and it comes from a terrorist group

VHSKisten: Shoe and Shoelace! One is useless without the other!

Sarah Shenkan: I'm brazilian and I hate soccer! Also I not want kiss a girl after 5 min, this is crazy.

Michail Kosak: I believe a fair assessment must not only include what is said and in which language, it also depends on who is doing the talking!

Maoaflo: Mandatory military for women? Are you kidding me?

La Porta D: Toronto comes alive in the fall time.

Gilda Miguel: Russia and Iraq chick's are goals

Wamen Noodles: Hahahaha nice video and all of the info are correct

King_Jeff: No one talk like that in poland . She realy bad at speaking polish

ACE_GAMES: it's almost like if you don't fuck by the 2nd date you don't really like her either? Just judging from the natural progression here.

JulesPeace: It is like that Vicky Mendoza Scale. If she is crazier than she is beautiful get the hell out.

how to give her a WORLD CLASS FUCK? | RSD Nation

5 Oct The Licking the Alphabet Cunnilingus Technique is an easy way to add variation to your licks. I have to confess I never knew what it means to lick the alphabet when going down on a girl. Do you use capital letters? Do you have to spread the labia apart first? Is the clitoris the center of the top of each letter? (like the "point" of the letter A?) Can someone help a guy out here? And is it as good as it's supposed to be?. 21 Jul WAYS TO KEEP IT KINKY GET YOUR COPY TODAY https://www. pages/Da-Kin https://www.

Straight Guy Anxious for Pointers I got letters from straight women with advice for men on the whole pussy-eating subject. Why haven't these letters appeared in this column? Well, I have a bias: Given a choice between reading hundreds of e-mails about eating pussy or, say, talking to a good-looking male porn star about his online underwear sales, well, I'm going to go with the porn star Lick the alphabet time.

While I'm aware that reading about cunnilingus is one of my occupational hazards along with handling letters from people who eat poothat awareness doesn't Lick the alphabet me any less reluctant to do so. Don't get me wrong, ladies.

I am all for cunnilingus. Straight men, in my opinion, are obligated to provide it. I'm as pro-cunnilingus as a gay man can get, but I guess you could say I'm pro-cunnilingus in the abstract. I'm pro-eating pussy in the same way I'm, say, pro-round-the-clock home nursing for incontinent paraplegics: I'm glad it happens, I just don't want to do it.

But what about my gay male readers? So to give my gay male readers a reason to slog through this column, I've included an item of particular interest to gay men. Okay, here are your cunnilingus tips, boys! Also try to keep the saliva down to a minimum. I can't overemphasize the importance of plenty of lubrication.

Cumming from Cunnilingus No, wait--use saliva, boys, and lots of it. The word cunnilingus derives from two Latin words: But the action should include not only the tongue, but the teeth. Nibble around down there! Pussy Prof No, wait--use your teeth to nibble, boys. I don't think it's necessary for a guy to spend much time in any other area than the clitoris.

It's the Clit Focus on the clit, boys. A clit is not a doorbell. Please do not punch it repeatedly with your tongue. And explore the rest of my pussy. It has just as many sensitive nerve endings as my clit. Word of the Day No, wait--explore the whole pussy, boys. As a closeted gay college student, I turned to my straight friends for guidance on "the deed," and one bit of advice actually worked: One Lick the alphabet of caution: It is disastrous to let her hear you humming the alphabet song.

This could imply that you are not sufficiently stimulated by her parts, as was the case with me. ABC Lick the alphabet, boys, but don't let her know you're licking the alphabet. I dated a guy who used "the alphabet song" to guide him along. Now every time I hear the alphabet song I get wet!

Tell her you're licking the alphabet, and she'll get wet when she hears the alphabet song. Guys, don't slide your tongues in and out of our Lick the alphabet. All that feels like is a small, thin, limp dick. Lick the alphabet women don't like small, limp dicks, so why simulate one with your tongue?

Clitty McNub Don't stick your tongues in, boys. A French guy once stuck his tongue in and swirled it around, pushing it really hard against the walls of my vagina.

The American guys I've slept with tend to lap politely. I guess this must be one of those things the French come Lick the alphabet with in their six weeks of annual paid vacation. French Kissed No, wait--stick your tongues in the vaginal canal, boys. So many guys are obsessed with penetration that they can't eat pussy without sticking their fingers in.

Fellas, please, just lick me. Men need to know that the G-spot is located behind the ridge of the pubis bone, up and inside her vagina. Take your hand palm up, insert middle and pointer fingers, curl your fingers toward you like you're saying, "Come here. East Bay Hard Core No, wait--use your fingers and tongue, boys. Okay, let's review what we've learned: Use little saliva; use lots of saliva; use your teeth; don't use your teeth; focus on the clit; explore the whole pussy; lick the alphabet but don't tell her; lick the alphabet and tell her; don't stick your tongue in; stick your tongue in; don't stick your fingers in; stick your fingers in.

I hope this was helpful. Personally, two things kept coming up while I was reading my e-mails about cunnilingus: Lick the alphabet, boys, you'll have to ask. Lick the alphabet, finally, here's that promised item of interest to gay men: Did everyone Lick the alphabet Ricky Martin dancing with George W. Bush in front of the Lincoln Memorial last week?

I felt the same shame watching Ricky dance with W. Ricky Martin denies he's gay, of course, but come on. Ricky hasn't been arrested in a men's room with a cock in his mouth, but it's gonna Lick the alphabet sooner or later. And when it does, gay magazines will slap Ricky's picture on their covers and declare Ricky a hero in Lick the alphabet struggle for gay rights. The full reality of the new Bush era didn't hit me until I sat watching that closet case shake his bon-bon with the worst thing that's happened to this country since, well, ever.

It's gonna be a long, ugly four years, kids. Got a question for Dan Lick the alphabet Call the Savage Love Podcast Lick the alphabet or email Dan at mail savagelove. Savage Love Jan 25, Savage Love Eat It Right! You might also be interested in these: Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up by Dan Savage. Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free Lick the alphabet to events.

Stranger Tickets Buy tickets to events around Seattle. This Week's Issue Print Archives.

Would you date a girl you didn't fancy? Best advice I've heard for oral sex Lick the alphabet. posted by daveqat at PM on August 26, I tell you what, if I ever felt the alphabet, chum, old pal, old building and loan, you'd be walking home to your "Maxim" collection with your ginch in one hand before you even had time to dry off your chin. 5 Oct The Licking the Alphabet Cunnilingus Technique is an easy way to add variation to your licks..

Something like that users of social networking for Dating:

  • Books (about sex): "Couples (novel)"

  • Films (about sex): Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

  • Musical genre: Folk

  • Sex position: Dogging (sexual slang)

  • Sex "toys": Sex pillow

  • Sex symbols: Richard Roundtree

  • Issue: How can i subtly flirt with guys?

  • Problems: Friendship or relationship signs?

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Check out the new MetaFilter Reader interface! August 26, 1: I do pretty well as it is but operate under the beliefs that a it's something you can never be too good at and b different people like different things, so I'd love to know new things to try.

I'm really asking this as a general question as I get the sense the whole community reads these things, but for what it's worth, I'm a man moving into a committed relationship. I like to give head and I've given plenty in my day, so simply saying "Be enthusiastic" is not really descriptive enough. In case you didn't get it, I'm asking this as an analogue to the recent bj question. Read this my friend. That's the ever popular Vice guide, it's down but here's the cache posted by geoff.

I don't have time to go into this in detail, but I will say: If I'm getting close, and my parter reaches up and gently pinches my nipples, it sends me over the edge. Avoid the clit at all costs until you start to tease it with rare tongue-brushes.

Make the best love you can make!


  • Name: Kendra
  • Age: 27
  • Heigh: 5'.6"
  • Weight: 55 kg.
  • Drinker: Regular drinker
  • Sex "toys": Roxxxy

  • Music: "Babe - Styx"

About ME: I will start with licking head then take him little by little inside. So drop me a line. To move to the next step send over a short bio, something interesting about you. And, hopefully, go to something long term after a while. Hope to hear from you :)

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Posted April 29th, on 1: El Fuerte Member Join Date: Nobody starts gone away from being a prince in bed. Assertiveness in bed is super sexy.. An important person just mentioned life form in the gravity is great, as a consequence it is. As I stared afterwards began to dig results, at outset I'd go how it pleased ME. Though, one opportunity was that realization HER off got me off, I dunno what quarter of my intellect triggers when I saw her cum, that makes me wanna cum.

Therefore after a petite while, I'd about a invite the girls pardon? they want, as a consequence it's been something but great responses from them, given that u truly wanna please them. At that moment u pick happy on patterns girls like and u like and fitted ONS, it moving part.

Though if ure in a association, it takes period to get headed for know ur partner's spots and come again? gets her cancelled the most, which again, may come around c regard from asking her if u think u wanna speaker ur sex living w her. Login or register on the road to post.

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#1 Vojar:
Thanks for the cool idea!

#2 Zuluramar:
Yeah, I'm not sure if I'm straight or asexual. My sexuality kind of comes and goes. Right now, it's in a more on period, which is frankly terrifying. I never learned how to deal with it, and as a result, my ability to express myself and the things I want (or even identify what I want or who I want to give it to me is severely limited.

#3 Vizilkree:
Nice to get this topic down to earth. Just saw Hank Greens intro to this series :)