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DESCRIPTION: Moon Knight has been dealing with the different personas he's created.

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Moon Knight has been dealing with the different personas he's created. Turns out it goes back to when he was a kid. How much time passed? Batman Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 uncertain of this as he removed his hands from where they had been placed over his eyes. Now looking down his eyes began to gradually readjust. The first thing that came to clarity was his hands that Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 set in front of him.

It was only after noticing the ground beneath him that he realized he was no longer in the sewer. Batman then discovered Wonder Woman who stood at his side. But it wasn't just her, there were several other of his allies to be seen gathered around him.

Unexpectedly there Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 even a few of his enemies standing among them. In light of this Batman closed his eyes as he shook his head. None of this made any sense. Was this nothing more than an allusion? He reopened his eyes to find nothing had changed. It was also at this moment that he realized that they were not alone.

Scattered throughout the large room was a total number of five other groups besides them. Batman wasted no time in analyzing each of them. Some looked to be human while others appeared to be from another race altogether.

But above all there was one thing each person shared in common, a look of confusion and uncertainty on their faces. From what he could tell it appeared they were in a gymnasium of some kind. Far left a set of bleachers could be seen. Were the seats for them?

The whispers began from near and far, all discussion pertained to the unknown circumstances. Batman's eyes narrowed, of all people there was one who was nowhere to be seen.

Not a second after someone whistled loudly from above. Everyone looked upward to see him floating in place. It was none other than Bat-Mite himself. With all eyes now on him he couldn't hold back an urging grin.

The moment he showed himself also brought several questioning shouts from many below. Bat-Mite simply raised a hand as if to silence everyone. No sooner after that an angered voice followed. Bat-Mite looked down at the blue haired girl sheepishly.

I only wished to heighten your competitive juices for the competition that is set to begin. Bulma's eyes sharpened in response to his words. In that instance Goku bumped shoulders with Bulma as he stepped past her. Goku ignored her complaint completely as he gazed up at Bat-Mite with a twinkle of hope to see within his eyes. He then looked over all who stood before him for a Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 time.

I can assure you all that none of this is a dream. I brought you all here under my own Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 for one purpose, and one purpose only. You will all compete in a tournament that will test Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 fighting prowess, wits, spirit, intelligence, and adaptability to any Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 that may come your way.

He paused, when no one spoke Bat-Mite continued. Michelangelo slowly raised a hand. This time it was a young man, one whose voice carried a calming demeanor. Bat-Mite wasted no time in bringing attention to this individual. Why that is quite simple," began Bat-Mite whose eyes began surveying over each and every one of them. I had to make sure you were the ones fit to challenge my champion. Goku jumped in place upon hearing this.

Who is your champion?! With that Bat-Mite flew down to the ground, now standing in the center of all six groups he continued. He looked over each respected group as he named them off. Now with each group given a name to familiarize with Bat-Mite made his next announcement. There was a process in which I used in selecting the best from each of your universes," Bat-Mite began.

While ranks won't play a major factor in this game, having a higher rank can prove beneficial in certain situations. All of which I'll go over later, now without further ado it is time for me to introduce you all to one another. His eyes trailed into the direction of the group he had announced as Dimension Sea. Now with his eyes locked on the squad of pirates he began.

A large grin formed on the pirate captain's face as a bright spot light shined down on him from above. He couldn't be any more honored. Not only was he the first announced from his group, but also the first out of any combatant. The spot light then switched to a man standing directly next to Luffy. Continuing Bat-Mite named off the next two players of Dimension Sea.

Clocking in just below him at the fourth spot we have Franky. After having his name called Franky gave a quick pose before bowing his head.

You won't get anything less than my best. And given the hearts that could be seen in his eyes there was no doubt in Franky's mind that his comrade was now in the process of surveying over the competition that he found to his. Reaching over Franky gave him a light shake. She simply nodded as Bat-Mite moved onto the next. The two grinned widely upon having their names called. What happened next caught everyone by surprise. The spot light hanging from high above landed on its next target, but it wasn't a person.

Luffy immediately recognized what it was. Placing a hand atop his hat he looked over at Bat-Mite in confusion. It looks exactly like the one you boarded our ship with. A sinister smirk crawled onto his face. No sooner after all of them stared down at the bag.

Reaching down to his side Zoro pulled out one of his swords before striking at the bag several times in under a second. Placing the sword back into its holder the bag ripped away to reveal who was inside. Their eyes fired wide. There wasn't a single person who wasn't surprised at who they came to find, each shouting his name at once. Buggy laid there in deep sleep. Even with the uproar in their voices he did not wake.

There was definitely an uncertainty to be felt by the majority. Without warning the spot lights shine focused on another. The Straw Hat Pirate's very own Usopp!

The light then shifted over to the only Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 who remained. He looked over the group as a whole, noting the uncertainty on all of their faces. Your doubts are warranted, but I can assure you this is all a reality. Even with his words to convey the expressions on the majority of their faces remained. Regardless Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 this the host continued on with the second stage of introductions.

With the spot light now aimed at him Kogoro spoke. The young man in a suit of white smiled before not only bowing to in the direction of Bat-Mite, but to all other challengers outside of his group. There Nami Robin W Hard HG Chaptar 4 a confidence to be heard within his words. Bat-Mite wasted no time in bringing attention to the next contestant.

Nodding Heiji couldn't help but smile after hearing his name called within the top three of his group. Bat-Mite didn't stop there, quickly announcing the next three in order of their given rank. Continuing Bat-Mite named off the next three participants. Bat-Mite then directed his attention to the two who remained, both whom looked to be adolescents. That was the reality of his placement.

But of all people to select from his world why choose him?

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  • Now Loading % loaded. [操作説明] ここにマウスポインタを移動させると操作ドック が出てきます。マウスを外すとひっこみます。 ナ. DancingQueen. CHAPTER. ミ. 1. ロ. A1. W. ビ. 2. ハ. ン. ー. A2. ド. 3. H. 4. G. POSTSCRIPT. 全画面表示する. 一時停止 する. メニュー画面に戻る. 前のチャプターへ戻る. 次のチャプターへ進む. ゲームを終了 .

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Should I visit HIM on new years? 26 Feb Chapter 4. Your Ally is your Enemy? How much time passed? Seconds? A minute? Batman was uncertain of this as he removed his hands from where . " Next in line we have the gorgeous Nico Robin," conveyed Bat-Mite as the spot light targeted her. . "Ranked fifth and sixth are Sailor Pluto and Mercury. See what Note 3 (farisnaser) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of everybody's favorite things..

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