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DESCRIPTION: The story of an English woman inveigled into a modern harem. Another of Allan Aldiss's erotic and best selling harem stories, in the tradition of "Slaves for the Sheik" and Indian erotic storie in geocities Breeding Slave", as well as the "Barbary" series. In this story, a wealthy, but gross and repulsive, Arab Prince, living in a luxurious palace in North Africa, places an order for another matched pair of European women for his harem.

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These are the different stories, astonishing as they may seem, of how he secretly acquired some of these beautiful young women and how they were then kept for his Sheik Ali's manhood stirred as he took in the erotic scenes below the water's edge shown on the television monitors - and as he looked down, through the. . sutra porn vids, =PP, french fetish sm porn, , tracy lords first porn movie, , shane hewitt pic photo porn star, oqrr, juicy porn clips, tskjl, porn dumpalink, ckeuvx, free porn hairy, >: (((, indian anal porn, %-D, threesomes free porn clips, ztu. 27 Aug indian incest sex movies:DD, free stories pantyhose incest, >: OOO, http://www. literotic incest, , http://www incest.

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Following a visit to England, Sheik Ali bin Faisal al Tufaya, young handsome and immensely rich, and yet bored with life, decides to introduce well educated English women into his harem in his palace in North Africa. These are the different stories, astonishing as they may seem, of how he secretly acquired some of these beautiful young women and how they were then kept for his pleasure under the strict surveillance of his black eunuchs.

Several hears ago, a European magazine published several articles, complete with photographs, describing a harem of pretty young blond European women belonging to a wealthy Sheik. The article, apparently quite genuine, was written by a well known Arab lady journalist who had managed to trick her way inside the harem.

She had been able to talk briefly to some of the the women, including an attractive mother and teenage. She also been able, secretly, Indian erotic storie in geocities photograph them in their harem clothes together with the stern looking, black eunuch who was in charge of them.

The photographs showed them relaxing in the harem under his supervision and being proudly paraded by him, a long whippy cane in his hand, in front of a screen in the wall, behind which their hidden Master was sitting. To her surprise the young European women all Indian erotic storie in geocities from very respectable backgrounds. How, she wondered, had they ended up in this harem? Readers should, however, Indian erotic storie in geocities that in the Middle East the position of women, and the way they are treated, has traditionally been, and still is, very different from that of Western women.

What may seem shocking and cruel to Western eyes, may be viewed very differently there. There, men are enjoined that "Allah has put women into the world for the enjoyment of men, go ye therefore and enjoy them". The idea first came to the young and handsome Sheik Ali bin Faisal al Tufaya when he was in England on a semi-official visit to England. He was the type of good looking and wealthy Arab whom many Englishwomen would dream about.

He was tall, well built, with friendly smiling eyes, a short pointed beard, and slight but distinguished hook nose. He had a charming manner and was obviously highly intelligent.

But he also had a ruthless manner and and an air of standing no nonsense that further increased his attractiveness to women. It was an attraction that was further increased by his voice, for having been partly educated in England as a young boy, he spoke good English with a Indian erotic storie in geocities resonant voice with Indian erotic storie in geocities a slight Arab accent. He was a scion of a junior branch of the ruling family of Shadek, a small, remote and isolated Arab Sheikdom.

The wealth of the ruling family came from the oil revenues from an island some 50 miles off the coast which the Indian erotic storie in geocities branches owned personally. The senior Branch of the ruling family had recognised him as a potential threat and offered him a large income for life, on condition that he left them to run their small country and, most of the time, kept out of it. Thus, with his zeal and quick brain now frustrated, he was looking for an outlet for his drive and energy.

He had toyed with the idea of taking up a new life in the Indian erotic storie in geocities, perhaps in a position in the United Nations or in international business or finance. But, he kept telling himself, he was a very rich man. Did he really want to tie himself to an office routine, or to the Western idea of living with only one woman at a time. He was used to a far more hedonistic way of life and and in particular, being an unashamed voluptuary, of owning a harem of beautiful women kept for his personal use.

Of course, he came from a tradition that scorned the Christian ideal of abiding love and friendship between one man and one woman.

On the contrary, in his world Indian erotic storie in geocities had for centuries been customary for a rich man to find his sexual partners in the slave market and follow the precept that "blessed are passionate women, responsive in copulation, and even more blessed is the man who owns and taught them.

Knowing that Sheik Ali came Indian erotic storie in geocities an influential family who controlled so much of the world's oil supply, Indian erotic storie in geocities British authorities had discreetly ensured that he was invited everywhere; tennis at Wimbledon, rowing at Henley, racing at Ascot and Goodwood, polo at Windsor, opera at Glyndbourne, Royal Garden parties, numerous horse shows and even some private dances and parties.

It was the first time that he had encountered well bred young Englishwomen in large numbers. He was fascinated by the fair skinned, tall, self-assured, and intelligent young women he met: These young women were so refreshingly different from the Indian erotic storie in geocities cowed and uneducated women he had hitherto kept in his harem back in Shadek - Indian erotic storie in geocities from the semi-professional European courtesans, dancers and cabaret girls with whom he had previously dallied.

These well-off and well educated young Englishwomen treated him with flirtatious informality. They were fascinated by the aura of power and wealth that surrounded him and his entourage, and by the way that he took women for granted. Many were also, it seemed, equally fascinated by his hints of a harem of jealous, but adoring, young women, living a life a ease, protected from all the worldly cares of modern life, and watched over by black eunuchs.

Many seemed torn between throwing themselves at him and nervously holding back. They were clearly nervous about becoming involved with a nouveau riche, and perhaps really rather uncivilised Arab, from a backward, if immensely rich, country where women were treated as little more than chattels, to be hidden away from the sight of men.

He, too, Indian erotic storie in geocities back. These fascinating women were indeed just what he wanted. However, he did not simply want an affair with one of one them - nor all the emotional complications that that might bring. He simply wanted several of them, simultaneously, shut up in his Indian erotic storie in geocities, in the traditional way, for his exclusive use and deprived of any contact with other men.

Many of these young women were clearly tempted by the idea of coming under the protection of such a rich and powerful man. But when he half laughingly, half seriously, offered to take them into his harem, they invariably refused - shocked at the very idea and saying that their friends and relations would kick up a terrible fuss! Oh, how frustrating he found it! In Arabia, even a tribal leader or a rich merchant would have been delighted if his daughter or sister had caught the eye of the famous Sheik Ali.

They would have felt honoured, and would have welcomed him offering to take her into his harem. Nor, was it practicable to carry them off, protesting, to his harem as he might have done with an Arab girl. The risk of a huge scandal in the world press would be too great.

As Sheik Ali well knew, some discerning multi-millionaires in the West might devote their wealth and energies to racing yachts or breeding successful racehorses. Others, however, enjoyed more private pleasures, such as secretly collecting valuable paintings, antique furniture, or porcelain Indian erotic storie in geocities a certain type. These beautiful and fine "objects d'art", acquired by fair means or foul, had disappeared from the outside world - to be enjoyed in the privacy of their owner's home.

So, similarly, he decided, he would use his wealth and energy to collect and enjoy, in the Indian erotic storie in geocities of his home, a certain type of beautiful, well bred, Englishwomen, who to the outside world would, too, have disappeared. However, of course, he had learned that women coming from the privileged background that he Indian erotic storie in geocities, would never enter his service entirely voluntarily - and, that even if they unsuspectingly did so, then they would have influential families and connections who would demand their release.

No, he decided, having spotted a suitable woman, he must arrange matters discreetly so that, by disappearing into his service, she would feel that she was being rescued from a far worse situation - something so awful that going into the harem of the handsome young Sheik would Indian erotic storie in geocities very mild by contrast.

Indeed she would have to regard him as her good-looking and wonderful saviour and protector, even if later she hated the strict harem discipline imposed by his black eunuchs. Furthermore, to avoid any scandal, he must, outwardly, have nothing whatsoever to do with her disappearance, nor have previously been seen in public with her.

Initially, she would have to think that she was only temporarily entering his service and that she was voluntarily signing a contract, Indian erotic storie in geocities an indentured servant, simply as part of being rescued.

But, of course, once in his service, and part of his household, they would, in accordance with Arab Law, be in his power - half horrified, and yet, given the natural masochistic nature of many white women, also half secretly thrilled. Indeed, he would enjoy these independent and well educated women all the more if rather than raping them, once they were safely in his harem under the control of his black eunuchs, he let the artificial life of the harem take over.

He certainly did not want a harem of resentful Englishwomen looking for an opportunity to kill him or themselves! There would be no need Indian erotic storie in geocities force his attentions on Indian erotic storie in geocities of his newly entrapped Englishwomen, or to rape her.

On the contrary, it would be far more amusing to let the centuries old harem system wend its web around her. Soon, he knew, even the most sophisticated Indian erotic storie in geocities would soon be desperately trying to catch her Master's eye! Yes, he reflected, the whole basis of the harem system was that once a woman found herself locked up in the artificial atmosphere of a harem, denied any contact with the outside world, brain-washed by the Indian erotic storie in geocities eunuchs that her only purpose in life was to be selected to give pleasure to one man, and not allowed even to see any other men, then sooner or later she would find herself at least half in love with her Master - and, indeed, half longing for his embraces, her only permitted source of sexual pleasure.

But even so, it would be sensible not to let these young Englishwomen to have access to any knives or other potential weapons with which they could harm him or themselves! Indeed, perhaps it might also be sensible to keep his English concubines manacled.

Sheik Ali realised, of course, that such women would not be virgins Indian erotic storie in geocities once safely in his harem would still be pining for a lost husband, fiance or boy friend. But that would only make the chase all the more challenging and the subsequent domination of the young women in Indian erotic storie in geocities harem all he more more enjoyable. Indeed, he came from a tradition in which successful tribal leaders revelled in raiding their neighbours and carrying off, and enslaving, their women, especially the wives and daughters of the defeated tribal leaders.

Tribal raiding and capturing their women, might now be dead, Indian erotic storie in geocities entrapping beautiful young Englishwomen would be just as exciting, as would be discussing their state of prowess with his chief black eunuch, as deprived of the sight of other men they found themselves falling more and more in love with their handsome, if cruel, young Arab Master. Yes, he reflected, he had admired the patience of dry fly fishermen in England, first spotting their intended victim and then tempting it with a chosen flies until it was safely hooked and landed.

So he, too, would spot a suitable Englishwoman and then devise a Indian erotic storie in geocities plan to lure her, willingly and discreetly, into his trap. The more he thought about it, the more he found the idea irresistible! A harem consisting largely of well bred Englishwomen might indeed sound far fetched in this day and age. But many of Sheik Ali's wealthy Arab friends secretly boasted of having the Indian erotic storie in geocities European woman in their harems, and perhaps, indeed, the odd Indian erotic storie in geocities. He himself already had a couple of half English Lebanese girls.

So why not go the whole hog? And if the truth was ever rumoured in the bazaars of the Arab world, then it would certainly make him all the more popular with the xenophobic fundamentalists. They were becoming such a frightening force throughout the Moslem world, especially here in his new home in North Africa, that he certainly could not afford to offend them.

For them, the freedom that women enjoyed increasingly in the West, and in particular in the English speaking world, was anathema. So, they were unlikely to object if it were known that he kept Western women discreetly in his harem, controlled and disciplined, in the traditional way, by black eunuchs. Indeed, this would be entirely in accordance with the fundamentalists tenants of women being kept shut up in the home!. Whereas in Arabia it was quite normal for a concubine to left uncut, here in North Africa, "Salat", or the imposition of purity on women, was more traditional, and the fundamentalists were constantly calling for it.

It not, however, reduce the ability of the girl to give her Master pleasure, but it did mean that she herself could now only receive it when she was actually penetrated by her Master - something for which she now became more desperate than ever and thus Indian erotic storie in geocities submissive and pliant.

Thus, locally, it was considered that this "partial doctoring", as it was euphemistically termed, played an import role in keeping women subservient. For this reason, although traditionally a girl was doctored when small, these days, to meet a growing demand, local surgeons had specialised in carrying it out on grown women as well. In particular, they had perfected the ancient technique of "full doctoring": A girl who had been so treated would have just a little long scar where before had been her beauty lips.

If she became expectant, then the scar could readily be cut open for the actual delivery and then sewn up again. Young Sheik Ali, himself, did not have strong views on the matter. On the one hand, he enjoyed the increased physical pleasure that came Indian erotic storie in geocities taking a responsive young woman, and, on the other, he also much enjoyed the mental pleasure of taking a girl who had been doctored by his order.

Indian erotic storie in geocities fundamentalists Mullahs, however, would be bound to ask whether he was obeying their guidance and having his Western concubines doctored, either partially or, preferably, fully. Moreover, they would probably want to inspect one of his concubines to satisfy themselves as to his piety. Furthermore, of all the European countries, it was England, the fundamentalists declaimed, who had caused the Arabs the most humiliation.

So, seeking revenge, the Mullahs would be particularly insistent that he, as both a loyal Arab and a pious treated his English concubines in this way. Clearly, he realised, it would be politic to have one or two of the Englishwomen doctored so that they could be shown off to any enquiring Mullahs. How many Englishwomen should he plan to acquire? Well, he remembered his grandfather saying that a man could jog along with a dozen beautiful and well trained concubines - provided they were under the supervision of an effective black eunuch.

Of course, it would cost a lot of time and energy, and money, to acquire these well bred Englishwomen.

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USA TEEN SEX VIDEO 364 TIPS FOR WRITING YOUR ONLINE DATING PROFILE Pink haired anime maid slurps cum Indian erotic storie in geocities Suddenly she remembered the telephone conversation she had heard in the travel agency. She remembered how one of the other white girls, Maria, another Austrian girl, but in the Red Team had been cut, as it was so casually called, or circumcised, by her slave dealer, to increase her value, before she was bought by the Prince. Nor could the Prince understand the sneering criticism in the West about older men having much younger wives or mistresses. A feeling of intense physical pleasure shot through his body as the tongue reached up and licked - together with a Indian erotic storie in geocities intense feeling of power as he looked down on the helpless women chained to his palanquin. Now he was too ashamed to run away back to the derision that would greet him in his home town in Italy. Thus, the overseers all had one simple aim: Indian erotic storie in geocities scared stiff, she was biting her lips and trying to keep back her tears.


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  • Following a visit to England, Sheik Ali bin Faisal al Tufaya, young handsome and immensely rich, and yet bored with life, decides to introduce well educated English women into his harem in his palace in North Africa.
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Super-conservatice parents and cohabitation? Help! These are the different stories, astonishing as they may seem, of how he secretly acquired some of these beautiful young women and how they were then kept for his Sheik Ali's manhood stirred as he took in the erotic scenes below the water's edge shown on the television monitors - and as he looked down, through the. shenzen, bangkok, india, indian dirty sexy sex rape lesbain sapphic sappho story stories pictures this is the LGBT links website of indialesbiandiirectory: mumbai, new delhi, calcutta, chennai, bangalore, ahmedabad, hyderabad, sex, sexy, transgender, crossdressing, lesbian, gay, homosexual, transvestite, transgender..

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