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DESCRIPTION: I could feel my face go aflame. Even after I took a piss, my boner stubbornly refused to subside. I wondered how long it would take me to come in the shower.

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I could feel my face go aflame. Even after I took a piss, my boner stubbornly refused to subside. I wondered how long it would take me to come in the shower.

At least she didn't seem pissed off about last night; maybe she hadn't even seen or heard Glory hole grandma. By the time I started to soap up my crotch I was feeling a little more relaxed about my housing prospects; even though she was a little freer Glory hole grandma sex than I was used to, I guess that as long as we were both cool about it, we could get along.

I started to stroke my soaped-up shaft and let my mind wander back to last night, especially to the part where she'd buggered Glory hole grandma while moaning my name.

I gripped my cock tightly with my thumb and forefinger, the way I thought her anus might grip it, and started working toward my climax. Just as I was approaching the big finish, I heard the bathroom door open; I stopped immediately, my heart hammering. What do you want for breakfast? The shower door was pebbled glass; I could see her outline, but nothing clearly, and since the shower stall wasn't lit I was sure she couldn't see me.

Grandma said, "Well, I've got bacon and sausage. Which do you prefer? Last night my grandmother had masturbated with her bedroom door open; here I was, naked and wet with my hard cock in my hand, and she was standing there like we were talking at the supermarket. Of course, once again she couldn't really see me. Slowly, I started stroking my cock again. She started talking about how she usually didn't eat that much for breakfast, but she knew that I had a big day ahead of me, and so on I Glory hole grandma really listening to her, since I was being gripped by an orgasm almost as powerful as the one the night before, hitting the wall of the shower with several spurts.

As I came down from Glory hole grandma orgasm, I realized that she'd stopped talking. I didn't catch that last part While I was drying off, I looked back at the shower stall. Moving toward it, I reached behind the pebbled-class door and waved my hand around. Even though I couldn't see my hand in detail through the glass, I could definitely see the motion.

Had Grandma stood there while I jacked off and watched, just as I had watched her last night? She acted pretty Glory hole grandma during breakfast, though.

We talked about my schedule that day--I had to buy books, pick up my class schedule, and learn my way around campus. I told her that I might not be home for dinner, and she didn't seem to have a problem with that.

Just as with dinner last night, when I was finished and starting to stand up, she took my hand again and said, "You know, I noticed this morning that you keep your door closed at night. If Glory hole grandma come back late, I'll probably be asleep. On the one hand, part of me wanted to come back in time to see if she lit the candle again and put on another sex show with toys. But that seemed pretty dangerous, especially since I didn't know what she was really thinking.

Maybe she just had no idea that I had been watching her last night Glory hole grandma jacking off this morning. Maybe she did know, and was trying to be cool about it. Maybe she was coming on to me.

Maybe she had been calling my name last night because she had a past or present lover named John; it wasn't exactly an uncommon name. Several times during the day, I thought of finding a bathroom stall with a working lock and jacking off just to release some of the tension I was feeling, even going as far as looking up Glory hole grandma classic erotica in the college library catalog, only to chicken out when a pretty young librarian came up behind me and asked if I needed help.

I even cruised by a couple of adult bookstores, but I wasn't so desperate that I was willing to stick my dick through a glory hole and let an anonymous stranger with who-knows-what disease slobber all over my tool.

Finally, I pulled into my Grandma's driveway and, breathing Glory hole grandma little faster, went in. The house was dark except for a nightlight above the kitchen sink, and I couldn't see candlelight coming out of her bedroom door.

Feeling both relieved and a little disappointed, I used the bathroom and went into my bedroom, but hesitated before closing the door. I thought about what she said at breakfast. Would she come and peek in my bedroom as I had peered into hers? Should I light a candle? I decided to leave my bedroom door cracked open about three--no, let's make it four--inches. In the darkness--although I could see as my eyes Glory hole grandma because of light from the streetlights coming in through the window--I undressed slowly, trembling a little.

I didn' t put the gym shorts on, but pulled the covers down and lay on the bed, hands behind my head, legs a little apart. I was starting to get a little hard as I considered the next step, and gradually built up my nerve until I finally reached down and pulled my underwear off. I lay back down; even though the temperature was comfortable enough, the air felt cool around my scrotum.

Glory hole grandma thought about laying down naked in the backyard, the grass fresh and soft underneath my ass, and looking up at the stars, and my cock erected without my touching it. I looked at it for a little while, standing proud and bobbing a little with my pulse, and then something--movement in my peripheral vision, probably--made me Glory hole grandma towards the door.

I could see a silhouetted figure outside my door; no details, just a darker shadow against the faint light in the hallway. She stood there for many long seconds, then I couldn't stand it Glory hole grandma, and contracted my pelvic muscles so that my cock twitched--once, twice, again. The shadow moved away, then, many seconds later, I saw the faint orange glow of her candle. I don't think that I made a conscious decision to get up; it was as Glory hole grandma my cock was pulling the rest of my body along.

I went to her door and looked inside. She was laying naked on the bed again; the candle seemed as bright as Glory hole grandma lightbulb. She had moved to one side of the big bed, and patted the other side as she looked me in the eyes.

I pushed the bedroom door open and walked over to the bed, laying down alongside her. We Glory hole grandma quite touching, and only looked at each other for a while. Then she cupped her breasts in her hands and started stroking her hard nipples, Glory hole grandma them even stiffer. I reached down and gripped my cock, slowly starting the old familiar pump.

She looked at Glory hole grandma hand working away, then back into my eyes, then back at my cock, and reached between her legs. Her legs moved apart and her right knee Glory hole grandma on Glory hole grandma of my leg, and I could feel the rhythm of her finger-fucking through the contact. We pleasured ourselves, not in any big hurry; I was feeling the high thrill of the taboo nature of what we were doing.

I could smell her cunt Glory hole grandma clearly, and wondered if or when I would get to taste it. We sweated where our legs touched, and the pace of her masturbation picked up a little, as did mine.

She started moaning and then said, "Oh, baby As my own juices started to rise, I had just enough self-presence left to point my dickhead up so that I wouldn' t coat my own chin again. The come shot out in a high arch and splattered on my belly. As I came down from the climax, I felt the semen cooling on my belly and started looking Glory hole grandma for tissues. Grandma figured out what I was looking for, and chuckled. Even though I'd just come, I felt the thrill in my dick; we'd graduated from mutual voyeurism and exhibitionism to exchange of bodily fluids just like that.

As she bent to her work, licking up the semen like a cat drinking milk, I rested my hand on her back, feeling her skin, so smooth just like a younger woman's. She shifted around so that her ass was closer to my head, and Glory hole grandma moved my hand down to her ass cheek and started stroking it.

She said "mmmmmm" and kept licking. I moved my hand over to the ass crack, then ran my fingers down until I felt her pubic hair. She sighed as I felt for the lips, then probed between them, stroking up and down between the moist slickness, finally inserting my thumb into her muscular, grasping vagina as I stroked her clit with two fingers. She pushed up against my hand as she finished licking my come, then moved down my body, her breath warm against my come-wet cockhead.

She cupped my balls with one hand and gently stroked my scrotum as she circled the semi-soft cockshaft with the thumb and forefinger of the other, just as I had in Glory hole grandma shower this morning.

She moved her lower body over even further and straddled my body before lowering her face and taking my cockhead into her mouth. I moaned and looked up into her glistening-wet pussy; I grasped her hips and pulled her down to my mouth. People think of older women as being somehow unclean or dried up between their legs, but her pussy smelled fresh and musky, actually better than the women a Glory hole grandma her age Glory hole grandma I'd Glory hole grandma with.

I spread her labia and gave several long licks between them, making her moan again, then concentrated on sucking her clit as I probed into her vagina with my fingers again. It was a little different, as I'd never been in the 69 position before; several times I Glory hole grandma to come up for air, since my nose was buried between her lips; cunt juice kept running into my nose, and she giggled a little when I started sniffling, but kept deep-throating me.

I could see her little pink asshole winking above me and thought of her calling me to assfuck her the previous night. Did she want me to lick her there, too?

Did she clean it well, inside and out? I hadn't seen anything dirty on the dildo the night before, after she took it out I was working my way towards another orgasm, but I could tell that she was going to get there just a little Glory hole grandma sooner.

I decided to take a chance and, as she started moaning louder and louder, which felt just great on my dick, I put my thumb in her cunt and stuck the tip of my middle finger in her anus. She cried out, my dick still in her mouth, and pumped hard against my face. The sound vibrations traveled down my dick, all the way to the base, and I felt it even in my own anus, and the spark set off my own orgasm; I shot into her mouth harder than I ever had from a second come, and with the tiny little bit of conscious thought that I had left, I was a little worried that she'd end up choking on my semen.

No worries, though; she swallowed it all, just a little escaping and coating her lips, as her pelvic thrusts slowed and then stopped. She rolled off me and we lay there for a while, head to foot, panting. I briefly thought about the picture that we made, a grandmother and grandson, faces slick with each others' sex juices. If my parents ever found out, they might let me off the hook if they could Glory hole grandma themselves that my grandmother had somehow seduced me against my will; if my classmates found out, I may as well have plastic surgery, change my name, and move to New Zealand.

Before I could get too remorseful, my grandma sat up, then lay down again, this time head-to-head. She cuddled against me and kissed me; with her tongue in my mouth, I could taste my semen and she could taste her own pussy juice. She murmured into my ear, "You know, I've had a couple of lovers since your grandfather died, but none of them were liked you--they didn't like eating pussy, and they were so old that they could only come once a day, if at that.

After you left, I had to Glory hole grandma my housedress off and fuck myself twice.

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Glory hole grandma Amateur Military Girls Glory hole grandma Free chubby gallaries Mild bondage pictures 250 Isabella Pena Videos Moving toward it, I reached behind the pebbled-class door and waved my hand around. I lay back down; even Glory hole grandma the temperature was comfortable enough, the air felt cool around my scrotum. Office bitch Glory hole grandma riding his meat. Grandma said, "Well, I've got bacon and sausage. As I came down from the climax, I felt the semen cooling on my belly and started looking around for tissues.

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I like this analogy for the 'consent part of it. I don't think it's accurate because who in their right mind would *want to make people tea all the time? I'll make you tea if you pay me for it. And then if you pass out and don't drink it, I'll still keep the money even though you didn't get to enjoy it. Just saying.

#2 Kigakree:
Thank-you for this.

#3 Kajisar:
Bisexual refers to two genders that you're attracted to whereas pansexual refers to every gender (there are people who are genderfluid, who are between genders, who one day are one gender and another day are a different one, or who are both genders). Many people who are bisexual use it in the sense of being pansexual and others who are pansexual just prefer to have their sexual identity be more specific in regards to the fact that gender isn't a big deal to them for attraction.

#4 Tugar:
Lindsay, you said the URL for the t-shirt WAY too fast. I played it back 5 times, it's still unintelligible.