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DESCRIPTION: My sister spent a lot of time in the airport this holiday. She sent me a photo she took of part of the ad and wanted to know what I thought.

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What does it mean to know someone? What does it mean to be known? | Smile and Be Free

5 Nov That would be, on a personal (not necessarily romantic or sexual) basis, the kind of relationship in which they might share meals, or attend the same parties or other events together. This is as contrasted with other ways in which they might know each other. Perhaps they have worked together, as George. 3 Apr This is a part of the Choosing Vulnerability series. Read more about it here. Like an airplane trailing an advertisement in the air, a quote from my favorite movie as a teenager trails through my head. In high school I used to feverishly imprint it into my journals and brain. In Brett Easton Ellis's 'Rules. 21 Dec This also explains why it feels special to know someone, rather than just know about them: the fact that he or she has opened up to you personally. If Johnny Depp tells you about his favorite movie, rather than talking about it in a magazine interview that's read by millions of people, that means he's judged.

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My sister spent a lot of time in the airport this holiday. She sent me a photo she took of part of the ad and wanted to know what I thought. What do I think? I think computer stuff can make it so that doctors can give eachother patient information all over the world, and doctors can put in there the personality of patients so that other doctors know. But other than that, has the world forgotten what knowing someone personally means?

That goes against what it means to know someone personally! Being in advertising myself, I hate seeing ads like that. John S Frugal Rules recently posted. Sadly healthcare is moving to performance based payments…and by advertising like this is it giving us the false sense of security that they really care about us deep down…no…the payment structures are now set up value based purchasing…they want the provider to get it right…and get it right the first time….

Not sure I understand what performance based payments are exactly. I definitely agree about advertising trying to make us feel like they really care about us, haha, yeah right! Edward Antrobus recently posted. How to Avoid DirecTV moving fees. With this online doctor thing, it sounds like you never interact with What Does It Mean To Know Someone doctor in any way, and they think they know us. You do probably know your online friends better than this online doctor advertisement, if only because at least you interact with your online friends!

I meant to talk about interaction, but it seems I got distracted. That is the key to knowing someone, in my mind, is interacting with them. The Happy Homeowner recently posted. This is just more about a bigger problem around the world. We no longer know each other anymore. We rely on what facebook tells us and what we read on the internet.

It is truly sad! Grayson Debt Roundup recently posted. I totally agree but you know what? Money Mistake 1 and Lessons Learned. Great post and I totally agree. We are becoming more and more disconnected. We rely on mediums now to keep us connected like email, facebook etc. It is really a What Does It Mean To Know Someone state of affairs.

I think the next generation is going to reap the negative effects from this. Miss T Prairie Eco-Thrifter recently posted. Something is right with this picture and with my doctor knowing me personally. Jason Clayton frugalhabits recently posted. A Hero who Broke Through.

I agree with you, that makes no sense and is a bad ad, I wonder how no one What Does It Mean To Know Someone that before it got distributed! Jordann My Alternate Life recently posted. Thundershirt Review and Giveaway.

Technology gives the impression that you know someone just because you have exchanged some emails. In my day, I know that sounds so old, I would form a relationship with people. That takes time and effort. I live in southern California, where everything is superficial. A place where the supermarket clerk exchange pleasantries as though they know you, but do not wait for your response.

Social media is growing, but it should supplement personal relationships. There Is Always Something! We are fast becoming computer-generated data; the human connection is less and less as time goes on. Strangers pretend to know us simply by this lifeless information.

Plowing Through Life Martha recently posted. The only real companies that know me are Dr. Everyone else is pretending. Hiring a Financial Advisor: Clues from the Receptionist. You are spot on, Blue Collar Workman, and on multiple fronts. I so despise the FACT that sickcare has greatly extended the average lifespan, i. The quality of life for most elderly people is unenviable. I do hate the ad, man!

Kathleen, Frugal Portland recently posted. Edward Antrobus might have it right. I am a high school teacher and I asked my students about knowing someone online and considering them to be close to you.

They agreed that it was possible. Your email address will not be published. Knowing someone personally means that you know them. People I Know Personally: Corporate America trying What Does It Mean To Know Someone tell us what it means to know someone….

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He knows our failings moreover our shortcomings along with loves us well.

Loneliness is a complex problem of epidemic proportions, affecting millions from all walks of life. Verified by Psychology Today. Maybe It's Just Me, But You might know everything about him, but would you say you know him? Probably not, though I assume you'd like to.

And what would it take to know him, rather than just know about him or know of him? In a recent paper titled " Knowing Persons " in the journal Dialogue , philosopher David Matheson of Carleton University asks that very same question.

He calls the type of knowledge one might have about a celebrity impersonal knowledge , while the type that would lead you to say you "know somebody" he calls personal knowledge. But what is it about them that makes knowing about someone so different from knowing them?

Matheson considers and dismisses several ideas suggested by philosophers in the past, such as that personal knowledge comes from being acquainted with someone, or being able to recognize someone, or having the capacity to interact with someone smoothly. He argues that none of these are sufficient to explain the depth of "knowing someone," as well as curious things about this type of knowledge, such as its "limited transferability.

For instance, you may be able to find out online what Johnny Depp's favorite movie is, but he were to tell you himself, perhaps with personal insight into why it's his favorite, or where he first saw it, that would give you reason to say you know him at least a little.

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Leave me alone for now What should I do? 3 Apr This is a part of the Choosing Vulnerability series. Read more about it here. Like an airplane trailing an advertisement in the air, a quote from my favorite movie as a teenager trails through my head. In high school I used to feverishly imprint it into my journals and brain. In Brett Easton Ellis's 'Rules. 7 May means to really know someone? Now, don't confuse knowing about someone with knowing someone. For a person who really knows the thoughts of your heart and the secret things you intentionally keep hidden from others – that person really knows you. Some may say their spouse or best friend knows..

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Hi, All - interesting discussion. I like the comments around reduced need for words and prediction of behaviors. Certainly, knowing someone should involve both these elements. To go a little deeper, I think that knowning someone means you have. 23 Mar Love's manifesto has the subtitle To be seen, to be known, and to be loved into wholeness. This is the craving in the heart of every human being whether they will admit it or not. We already talked about the being seen part. What it means, why we want it, and what it will do for us. And we talked about the. 14 Jan What does it mean to personally know someone? Can you know someone personally over the internet?.

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