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DESCRIPTION: That girl in your 11th grade history class? If they do become pregnant, most of them choose to end the pregnancy or give the baby up for adoption.

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My Life as a Teenage Mom

6 May Today, May 6th, is officially the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. In honor of this occasion, the Candie's Foundation is launching a campaign with actress Bella Thorne, educating teens about the potential consequences of teen pregnancy. One of the young mothers spotlighted in the foundation is. I was a teenage mom attending an alternative school with built-in day care. I excused myself from class and hurried to the nursery, where the attendant met me at the door. "You forgot to leave your son's diapers!" she told me, scowling. I confessed that I had left them at home and asked if I could borrow a few from someone. 18 May A new photo exhibition called #childmothers, currently travelling the globe, aims to highlight the issue of very early motherhood by sharing the experiences of 20 mothers and their children from six countries. Told in their own words, the stories also reveal some of the issues that led them into early.

Fourteen-year-old Mulenga would like to go and play football with her friends. The UN estimated in that two million girls give birth before turning 15 - that's every day - before their bodies are ready. Such young girls face the greatest risk of complications from pregnancy and childbirth - yet they are often Stories of teen mothers in statistics and excluded from development interventions.

Here are the stories of six of those girls, whose names have been changed. Angelica, 13, with son Lucner, 3 months hadn't Stories of teen mothers sex education at school.

Angelica lives with her son, her parents and her siblings in an urban, violent slum area in Haiti. She met her boyfriend, became pregnant and had to leave school when she was in seventh grade.

Her boyfriend continues school like before. In school we didn't learn much about things like this. I have a boyfriend who is 16 and we have been a couple for a while. When I got pregnant, my father kicked me out of the house temporarily. Once in a while my mother would send me food. The day I went into labour, my mom was out. There was a high risk that both the baby and I would die. I was lying on the pavement outside with the worst pain. Then a woman came by and helped me, lending me money for medication and a Stories of teen mothers. I had a group of friends that I went to school with, where we would perform and sing.

Even my boyfriend continues to go to school like before while I need to stay at home. My one wish is that my son will get an education.

Mulenga's mother Mary has forbidden her from having any more boyfriends since she gave birth to Felicity. Mulenga lives with her daughter, her parents, her father's second wife and her ten siblings in a remote village in Zambia. She used to Stories of teen mothers to school and wanted to become a doctor when her mother discovered she was pregnant. My daughter often cries and I have to stay at home and take Stories of teen mothers of her and wash nappies.

Before I had a baby, I used to play and go wherever I wanted. I like playing football. When I realized I was going to have a child, I was upset and annoyed. My mother was too. I Stories of teen mothers my boyfriend, but he denied responsibility. I feel good when I look at her. I worry about the future and who will buy her things like soap and clothes.

I'll also warn her and tell her not to go out with boys. Janet, 15, with her son Manuel, 6 months, prevents any Stories of teen mothers pregnancies with a contraceptive implant.

Janet lives with her boyfriend, her son and her in-laws in a violent neighborhood in a large city in Colombia. She met her boyfriend at school, fell in love and became pregnant. Janet is now back in school and is also part of a group for young mothers, where she receives advice on nutrition, health and family planning. When I discovered I was pregnant, I felt happy and sad at the same time.

Happy for the baby and sad because I knew I had to drop out of Stories of teen mothers. My boyfriend felt the same. We met in school two years ago.

He's 18 years old now and he had to quit school too, to look for work to support our baby. Before I felt lonely at times but now when I feel alone, I play with my baby, with his toy cars and his little things.

He smiles at me and I know he loves me. He knows me already. I'm in the ninth grade and I'm also attending beauty school on weekends. I want to become a professional hair stylist to give my son everything — to pay for his studies and to buy him everything he needs What's difficult sometimes is that I have no money to buy him his food or his diapers. Research shows that in some countries, the first sexual encounters of many girls are non-consensual, such as Aissa.

She was sexually abused by her teacher when she was 14 and became pregnant as a result. The teacher was later suspended for one year. It was after my primary Stories of teen mothers exam.

I called my teacher to find out about my results and then, since he had my number, he kept calling and asked me to come and see him. So I got frightened and went there to get the results of my exam. Then he raped me. Now, when I see my friends going to school, Stories of teen mothers makes me sad.

I wanted to be a mother later — not now. Lumilene, 15, hopes her daughter Clairina, 6 months, grows up to get a good education and becomes a Stories of teen mothers. Lumilene lives with her daughter and her parents in a camp for internally displaced people after the earthquake hit Haiti in Their house was destroyed and their economic situation is very difficult.

There are many young mothers in the camp and violence against girls and women is common. I was 14 when I discovered I Stories of teen mothers pregnant. She wasn't angry; she just told me to keep the child.

It's easier now that she's older. I'm back in school, in the eighth grade. I wake Stories of teen mothers early, cook porridge and I breastfeed her before leaving her with my mother. When I come from school, I go and fetch water, prepare food, do the laundry and other household chores.

When I need to do my homework my mom takes care of her. Child, early and forced marriages are closely associated with young adolescent pregnancy and early motherhood, as was the case for Nargis. Nargis,15, lives with her son, her husband and her in-laws in Stories of teen mothers rural village in Bangladesh. Nargis's parents did not want her to get married, but say they had no choice since they could not afford to support her anymore.

Nargis works in a garment factory to save money for her son's future education. I really liked school; my favourite subject was science. Although I knew of the consequences of an early marriage, I still ended up getting married at 14 because my parents are extremely poor. I didn't want to move into his house. I remember crying a lot. Everyone around me somehow convinced me, though.

I started having my periods only two or three months Stories of teen mothers my marriage. I got pregnant and I was fine, I didn't feel sick.

At first I didn't want to be a mother but after I got married, people change their mind. It's not so hard; the machine does all the work. I have my breakfast, take a shower and feed my son. Then I'll be there to help him with his studies. Women around the world What do mums-to-be around the world pack in their hospital bag? An eye-opening series of pictures shows just what women all over the world pack as birthing essentials.

Signout Register Sign in. Lumilene, 15, lives in Haiti with her daughter Clairina, 6 months. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. Every year about two million girls give birth before they turn The travelling photo exhibition childmothers aims to bring these invisible mothers into the light.

Angelica, 13, and Lucner, 3 months, from Haiti. Women around the world. Can you shock yourself literally into losing weight? Prince Charles' Cairns visit brings local woman to tears.

Shaved metal deaths There are so many theories on how to parent and what to do for your baby. Janet is Stories of teen mothers back in school and is also part of a group for young mothers, where she receives advice on nutrition, health and family planning. I told my boyfriend, but he denied responsibility. Stories of teen mothers some cases, it fueled a streak of defiance, a lifting of the chin and setting of the jaw that said: It makes me sad that they are so big but it is also a really fun time! My child saved me from myself. DOUBLE DILDO CANDY CANE 947 NUDIST GIRL DANCE Naruto shippuden ino hentai video

Storyline will continue to feature individual stories over time, but to read these responses as a whole, one entry after another, is to be deeply moved by their honesty. These words of mothers and fathers — some still raising toddlers, many looking back at their experiences with the perspective that only comes with time — are wrenching, inspiring and challenging. I think by sharing our triumphs, we are encouraging other young families to dream big and aim for success and balance.

The stories of readers serve as a reminder that generalization is easy but the details of individual lives are much more complex. We understand that being pregnant so young adds tenfold to the issues that we face as a teen. We also understand that by choosing to carry a baby full term means that we become a part of a systematic statistic, not only in our communities but also in society as a whole. The desire to avoid becoming a statistic ran through many of the responses.

In some cases, it fueled a streak of defiance, a lifting of the chin and setting of the jaw that said: Judge me all you will; I will prove you wrong.

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What it’s like to be a teen parent: readers’ stories

On 15, most girls are meditative about clothes, boys, and parties. But Jamie got pregnant -- and now she's focused without stopping raising her son. It was Friday morning, first period, next I was in my method class, just like a characteristic kid in a typical high-school science room. I'm sure you can picture it -- the little plants sprouting in Styrofoam cups, the usual charts after that posters on the walls, the teacher asking us if we'd done our homework.

Just a normal moment in the sparkle of a teenager. It was another reminder that, no, I wasn't a normal high-school milf.

Why are good kissers so few and far between? I would like their stories to be heard and their faces to be seen: to portray teen mothers in their living and working environments, collect their testimonies and show the consequences of early pregnancy. Joceline, almost 25, lives with her two children (8 and 6) and their father. She abandoned school at the age of 17, after the. 3 Oct After we wrote about Colorado's success in cutting teen pregnancy rates, more than people responded to our questions about their experiences as a teen parent or as the child of teen parents. Storyline will continue to feature individual stories over time, but to read these responses as a whole, one..


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