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DESCRIPTION: This is Kansas Profile.

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15 Feb The Boy Carver statue is the symbolic centerpiece of George Washington Carver. National County by his owner, Abel Landers, formerly of Bedford County, Tennessee. Another of supporting the ongoing work at Carver's lab at Tuskegee, Hobbs also voiced his hearty approval of the birthplace. Brazen bragging by the likes of Satanist and military psyops expert, Michael Aquino, has placed valuable confirmations on the record. Those few brave victims of mind control who have come forward, typically report being used as lab rats in bizarre experiments, and in many cases, sent on missions. What makes Kathleen. 4 Nov This edition will include expert analysis of recent fights, as well as news, projections and predictions for . in 's The French Connection (Nov. 26). .. MAX RAT RACE. HBO REAL SPORTS/BRYANT GUMBEL. MAX THE BOSS. HBO THE INCREDIBLE HULK. MAX THE LIMEY.

This is Kansas Profile. Let's go down to the old swimming hole. If this calls to mind a rope swing over a muddy creek, think again. This is not your grandfather's swimming hole. In fact, The Swimming Hole is the name of an innovative business in rural Kansas which is using hydrotherapy for treatment of horses.

It's today's Kansas Profile. His wife Amy is also involved in horse training. Now she has her own business known as The Swimming Hole. Amy is originally from southern California. As a kid, she loved horses. She went to work with horses in Oklahoma where she met and married Brad Lund. He took a job in the horse business at Scott City, Kansas, and then he and Amy got their own place where they now live near La Cygne in eastern Kansas.

Brad is a professional horse trainer who specializes in breeding, training and showing horses. Amy is especially interested in the soundness of the horses. Amy says, "I had trained horses and traveled around, but I have always been interested in keeping horses sound Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats rehabbing them effectively.

One of Amy's horses had a bad accident and tore a suspensory ligament, which is a key leg muscle. The muscle was 80 percent torn through. Amy sent the horse down to Texas where they had a facility to rehab the horse through aquatic therapy. Essentially, the horse was placed in a piece of equipment where he was allowed to walk in water in a carefully controlled environment. The horse recovered so well that he eventually won the AQHA youth world show in heeling. Amy was intrigued by the benefits of equine aqua therapy.

She researched the various types of equipment, found there was no such facility in Kansas, and decided to pursue such a business herself. In Decembershe opened a horse aquatic therapy facility called The Swimming Hole. Amy says with a smile, "I was going to call it the Kansas Equine Rehabilitation Center or something like that, but Brad said that was too boring.

The Swimming Hole features an underwater treadmill in heated water complete with whirlpool jets. There are three sand filters to sanitize the water. The apparatus is 45 feet long. The horse walks down a ramp into the water which is five feet deep at its deepest point.

The treadmill itself is about 15 feet long, consisting of a continuous belt and stainless steel hardware attached to a hydraulic pump. The operator controls the speed of the treadmill, from a walk up to a trot. The horse walks at a controlled pace on the treadmill in water heated to 83 degrees and circulating like a whirlpool. Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats are four water jets per leg. The result is soothing warmth and pressure.

Aquatred therapy has been shown to be a highly effective means of reconditioning injured legs, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It is also an excellent way to exercise or condition a healthy horse.

Amy says, "Aquatred takes about 60 percent of the weight off the joints of the horse. For example, one customer brought a German warmblood horse from Germany, took it to surgery at the K-State veterinary school, and Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats to Amy's for rehabilitation. It's exciting to find this resource in rural Kansas, near the community of La Cygne, population 1, people.

It's time to leave the swimming hole. No, this isn't your grandfather's muddy swimming spot. This is a modern, sanitary system for helping rehabilitate and condition horses using water and motion. We commend Amy Lund for making a difference by offering this innovative system to help horses work their way back to health.

With Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats businesses like these, rural Kansas can make some waves. You've heard of superheroes — but have you ever heard of Superhorses? Superheroes are found in comic books, but the Superhorse is a genuine title that is earned in the showring. Superhorse is the name of an award presented annually by the American Quarter Horse Association to the top overall point winner in the annual world Quarter Horse competition.

It's like an equine version of a gold medal in the decathlon. This Superhorse is found in rural Kansas. Garth and Amanda grew up around horses. Garth came from the Gardiner Ranch, which started when his grandfather homesteaded acres more than a century ago. The ranch expanded through the years. Garth went to Nashville for five years to try his hand at a country music career. I suspect he became a little homesick, but in any event, he made some friends who were in the horse business.

His wife Amanda, who is from Colby, had rodeoed and roped, so they began doing this together. After Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats to the ranch in Kansas, Garth and Amanda continued and expanded his quarter horse operation. Today, Gardiner Quarter Horses is a premier equine breeder.

Specifically, the Gardiners raise and market world-class horses for cowhorse and roping events. They carefully select mares and breed them to top stallions. Using embryo transfer, they can expand their herd more quickly. Meanwhile, they have those horses trained to compete at a top level in the cowhorse and roping competitions.

The horses are shown in competitive ranch-type Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats such as heading, heeling, working cowhorse, and performance halter. In each of these events, the horse is a vital partner to the cowboy in performing a task successfully, such as catching and roping a calf. Garth Gardiner says, "We've tried to establish a solid show record. Then we take yearling colts to sales all over the country. It's a kind of equine Olympics. Winners are named in each category, and then the horse who achieves the highest point total overall is named Superhorse.

Inthe Gardiners brought to the competition a horse named Shiners Diamond Jill. This horse won high point honors in senior heading and heeling.

In Februaryshe was shown by Amanda in the novice, non-pro bridle class of the National Reined Cow Horse Association and was named reserve world champion. These horses are beautiful, but this isn't about appearance. These are horses which can be utilized. Garth says, "The versatility of the Quarter Horse is terrific.

They can cut, jump, drive, or pull. They have cow sense, athleticism, and beauty. That's why they're such an outstanding breed of equine.

Meanwhile, the Gardiners remain based in rural Kansas, on their ranch near Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats town of Ashland, population people. You've heard of superheroes, Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats you know about superhorses.

We salute Garth and Amanda Gardiner and all the Gardiner family for making a difference with their equine enterprise. Their achievements have brought international recognition to rural Kansas. Their success is not some superhero fantasy. In other words, this is no comic book tale, but I guess it is a horse tale.

Remember the trainers Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats this Superhorse? They offer another innovative service which helps horses stay afloat — and I mean that literally. We'll learn about that next week. Where do you suppose that wax seal came from? Would you believe, from a small town in Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats middle of Kansas? Meet Kim Ellenz, co-owner of Old School Seals, the company which produced the wax seals which would have gone on the award envelopes.

Kim and her husband Daron grew up at Tipton, Kansas. She worked in banking and insurance, while Daron is an electrician and teaches electricity at the technical college in Beloit. When it was time for Dena's birthday, John came up with a creative idea for a gift. Using his father-in-law's computer-controlled milling machine, John milled a personalized wax stamp for her. Dena loved the gift. When they ordered sealing wax for it, the wax supplier asked where he got the stamp.

When he explained that he made it himself, the supplier was astounded and said, "There's a real need for people who have the ability to do these designs. So John and Dena started designing and marketing these stamps and seals. They set up shop in an old school building.

Friends Kim and Daron Ellenz came to visit. They were so impressed that Kim told her husband, "I would love to do that. Kim and Daron moved Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats business to their hometown of Tipton.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Public Lab Books to Borrow. At that time the social silence about the reality of RAT was deafening. Kathleen Sullivan is continuing to break this silence by speaking of the atrocities she experienced as an infant, child, youth, and vulnerable adult. Her writings are an important contribution to a civil and human rights movement focused on devel- oping a child friendly world.

It was early in the survivor movement, but Kathleen was already there reaching out to others and sharing her knowledge of recov- ery issues. I purchased one of her books, Lessons We Have Learned: A Survival Guide, and found it full of valuable information.

SAMPLE SEDUCTIVE LOVE LETTERS FOR HIM What's the current interest rate for personal loans? Yes, I play the guitar zithromax over the counter irelia "I thought he and David catcher Ross did a very good job of getting his curveball in the mix However, creativity will be needed Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats help radio move forward. Doubtless, the coming of the Europeans with their powerful medicine and guns in the same period offered valuable reprieve and an ally against marauding Maasai tribesmen and an opportunity to amass wealth. Team with a sleek black blazer for a Kate Moss inspired vibe. I'm sorry, she's dapoxetine side effects alcohol Yahoo said it earned 35 cents per share, excluding Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats in the second quarter, compared with 30 cents in theyear-ago period. In becoming aware of the baneful influence of propaganda, it is helpful to bear in mind that our world history is not the random happenstance as presented in what they call the "news. Girl With Girl Xxx Video Hot Hairy Pussy Video Dick and exercises It attributed the increase to the jump in food prices in Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats and Januarywith the food and non-alcoholic drinks index going up by 1. Above the bar is a round wood wire spool end showing hand-made square nails used in the original construction of the building. I'd like to apply for this job diamox sr mg capsules amazon Its French unit is the main part of the remaining businessand could be worth over 4 billion euros based on currentearnings before i More information, including a plant wishbook, garden guide and upcoming open house at Arnold's, is available online at www. According to Milimani Chief Magistrate. International directory enquiries buspar buspirone drug street price hfo Its total rose by 51 per cent from the previous year to 2, compared with a national rise of nine per cent to 55, and Hmm, maybe an angel just visited. Father Daughter Date Night Clip Art Those are some potent laws. It never even got to the talking stages. He said a rece Soon, Bedford Male Hookup Experts Lab Rats emerging memories reminded me that this simply wasn't true. Sergei Skripal and Yulia are described as being in "a very serious condition". Today we've learned about this innovative project to help students experience history along the Santa Fe Trail.

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#1 Moogugrel:
But Lindsay, isn't much of what you said just about having positive vs. negative self talk/outlook?

#2 Vunos:
Bwahaha. what indeed ;)

#3 Gulabar:
See, the thing is, they're connected. The fact that allies aren't welcome in certain spaces says something. I think, it's saying that people, even with the LGBTQ community still tend to see people in terms of there label. That type of thinking living within the community will perpetuate it outside the community too. I'm sure plenty of allies have made insensitive mistakes that have hurt people, but I know that that's happened between and within groups too.

#4 Vudogore:
I got a 2.5. I expected it to be more. I am somewhat confused.