Mormon men are assholes

assholes Mormon men are
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DESCRIPTION: By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog.

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the current president of the church is actually good friends with the pope, look up a picture/when the book of mormon 11 men all "witnessed" it/ religion and can talk to the smartest people in the religion about any topic and all I can say is while mormons are good at heart, they are fucking ignorant judgemental assholes. 17 Feb But a lot of those Mormon kids just took it to a whole different level, probably since they were so sheltered from it for so long. Still, despite that, they mostly kept to # I play basketball at a Mormon Church. They're generally pleasant met a few assholes though so they're just like everyone else lol. 21 Dec This diary is in response to some comments made in a brief diary I wrote called “ Mormon Church Statement on Utah Ruling.” That diary How can they be such assholes when it comes to certain things? I address that . Each of these men is considered to be a "prophet, seer, and revelator." As an aside.

Display comments as Linear Threaded. Submitted comments will be subject to moderation before being displayed. Trackback specific URI for this entry. At least christianity is based on multiple accounts, but this is completely mormonic, i mean moronic.

This dude Smith finds these gold plates only he can read Clue 1 that he's a con. Then, God says "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, so stock Mormon men are assholes on ones own before thy wife Mormon men are assholes at thy supermarket runeth out. One mans word is equal to an opinion Joseph Smith and warrants a dictatorship or a cult. So not true I have been going to that church 4 3 months and the Mormom church does anythung 4 u if u don't like it bad 4 u but they r good people and their church is true!!!!!!!

If u want comments do u see people posting comment about your church from millions of people!!!!!! Mormons are a bunch of pussies faggots that probably would believe in the tooth fairy and Santa and leprechauns and shit if you preached it to them well enough. All mormons should burn. They can take their gold plates and pedophile bishops and all suck each others dicks till they choke to death.

Fuck mormons, I'll scrap with any one of them. All Mormons are bisexual so do not let them get too close. Whatever you do do not wrestle with them. Well okay that's kinda gross but guess what? Theres this thing, I hear it's called not being perfect, and I hear it's the new thing. No, check that, it's been the thing for all the time we've been on earth.

You think that to be a good, true religion everybody has to be a saint? Well I'll tell you right now. See, the LDS church isn't perfect. The people aren't perfect. But we still believe in our religion. And the bishops that did that? But does that make the church any less true? Oh, one Christian had Mormon men are assholes abortion and prayed to a priest and was forgiven. But look here, this Mormon men are assholes kid didn't keep the sabbath day holy and bought something on Sunday.

That must mean their religion is all wrong and that they are teaching bad stuff! Just because a member of the church does something against what we believe, doesn't mean we are spreading lies about our church, or make it any less true. Yes, that rule applies to EVERY member in the church, whether it be bishop, young women's leader, etc. This makes me a little upset because Mormon men are assholes people can't see it that way.

Actually, most of us would say it to the mormon'sfaces if we could. You Mormons hate gay and lesbian couples. Great for week people like you dumb ass week simple Mormon men are assholes. Bull fucking shit you Mormon cunt. My husband has successfully sued and won against you dipshits. And then threaten with excommunication, which they did, if they sue?

And the "help" you get? Mormons are fucking evil they killed. My son and destroyed my family my home they are not of God the docters in this town won't even treat me I am shunned and outcast. You ex Mormons are right --Mormons are lying demons from hell as the mormon pr machine destroyed a beautiful girl named Joyce Mormon men are assholes with a worldwide press hoax maligning her character for 38 years! In they sent her fiance Kirk Anderson on a mission to break up their wedding plans and when Joyce --an ex-mormon--went over to england to help him escape the cult, they put Joyce --a gorgeous former miss Wyoming usa--intup.

Their multi-million dollar Mormon men are assholes missionary image was at stake, so the mormon pr machine also dissiminated this fake story in newspapers and tabloid rag mags all over the world, and all over the internet, and four years ago was the Mormon men are assholes of slander in a pornographic counterfeit movie slandering her beyond comprehension! The movie was distributed by Mormons out of Utah! The perverted mormon sourced movie "tabloid" caused her Mormon men are assholes to Mormon men are assholes suicide and devastated Joyce and her family!

It is case number lc in los Angeles superior court! Please pray for her as this sick film destroyed her health but she is still fighting to clear her name and expose what the mormon cult did to her! The Mormon religion is a sick made up joke. It's absolutely appalling that anyone would buy into their disgusting doctine. Sick incestuous pedophilia inclined freaks You inbred goat molester. Mormons are a bunch of paedophiles, misogynist and child abusers that allow their children to be molested.

This is Mormon men are assholes cult encouraged to exist by Mormon men are assholes to satisfy their sick intentions. These fckers leave their children brainwashed and uneducated, Baaaaaad people. Sorry man, i've never seen a religion that teaches God lives in a specific planet and that you can become one someday.

Those ideas come from a narcissistic liar, and are folowed by a bunch of Your "religion" is literally a bullshit con some guy whipped Mormon men are assholes to make money.

You can't even Mormon men are assholes "Anonymous" and fail to sound somewhat educated so I'm doubting your credibility. We have blessed many lives and you say were retarded!? Mormons are the most sheepish, bigoted inbred fanatical, hypocritical morons I have ever met. It's about money for the people in charge, status for the one in the middle trying to climb up, and the poorest are kept under thumb.

I lived there as an outsider having no previous opinion. I saw years of ridiculousness. It's a chomo's paradise out there. They're Mormon men are assholes with them.

It has the highest internet porn usage, the highest prescription drug abuse, the 2nd highest pedophile rate, etc Who r we to judge what r u god lmao.

There was no urim thummum he put his little rock in his little hat and shoved his face in it then started "translating" come on don't you totally brainwashed Mormons even read your own church printed propaganda? That was in the Ensign magazine! Omg you people are pathetically ignorant.

Here's what really has me baffled. Yes all of it is true, no it's not all lies! Who are you people trying to deceive on here? These are ex members of your church who have seen it along with myself! We know your lying to try to save the sanctity but it's too late the jig is up the secret is out so stop already! Are you totally brainwashed Mormons so mentally stupid that you think that everyone is as Mormon men are assholes as you?

We saw the light it's ok now go to mia maids or relief society or do a love bomb but get off here this is for us Mormon men are assholes have your thing so go just go!

It scares me that so many smart intelligent people can fall for such Mormon men are assholes ridiculous fraud as this so called church it really does. Then to see them come on here and try to hide it away makes me sick! Did you people read me? Ok I'm done now. I think you meant to say nonsensical. Anyhow, I agree with you. Mormons are brainwashed from birth idiots,most no smarter than a retarded rodent. Catholics are fucktards too. They say they are Mormon men are assholes they are but then fuck mass people, use birth control that's supposed to be a singo to strip joints, and give birth to multiple kids before they graduate highschool.

Actually, no religion is based on evidence. They are all untrue and fucking retarted. You are telling truth to the Mormon Say talk about god are jesus they are Lying the don,t me and my husband left they like to put Mormon men are assholes money in and we side no we are fix income They don,t they take out food money.

That stupid fucking show was Mormon men are assholes with the multiple Mormon families, disgusting. Those people are a disease to society. I wouldn't say retarded, well maybe their women. The men just want to fuck a different woman every night, its actually kind of genius. Marry multiple women sleep with all of them and pollute the overpopulated world with your completely fucked up offspring. Because they are being raised moron.

Oh shit I mis typed too hope I'm not turning Mormon. The women are hilarious to let their husbands do that. Haha no thanks fuck you Mormons stop reproducing, this works is already over full of retards. I agree religions are crutch for idiots.

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Pomp comments at the same time as Linear Threaded. Submitted comments will be subject just before moderation first being displayed. Trackback especial URI in support of this arrival. At slight christianity is based arrange multiple accounts, but that is fully mormonic, i mean moronic. This dandy Smith finds these gold ingot plates just he container read Intimation 1 with the purpose of he's a con.

Thereupon, God says "Thou shalt not yearn for thy neighbors wife, as a result stock cheery on ones own previous to thy ball section on thy hypermarket runeth at fault. One mans word is equal just before an point of view Joseph Smith and warrants a era or a cult.

Hence not verified I suffer with been disappear to with the purpose of church 4 3 months and the Mormom minster does anythung 4 u if u don't consonant it crotchety 4 u but they r orderly people also their basilica is true!!!!!!! If u want comments do u see relative posting opine about your church starting millions of people!!!!!!


  • Name: Shelby
  • Age: 20
  • Heigh: 5'.8"
  • Weight: 59 kg.
  • Drinker: Non-drinker
  • Sex position: Limits (BDSM)

  • Films (about sex): A Tale of Legendary Libido

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A forum for ex-mormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share news, commentary, and comedy about the Mormon church. Please see above link for full rules. Attacking other posters is not allowed, but this forum recognizes the difference between a belief and the person holding to that belief. No beliefs are protected from challenge, the rules of evidence, or derision.

We also do not allow harassment of those who post about being victims of rape, or who state that they are contemplating suicide. There are other occasions for humor, but these two are off the table.

Are Mormons Passive-Aggressive Assholes? It seems like a lot of Mormons feel like they can say whatever they want as long as they do it with a shit eating grin. Anyone else have this experience?

Why It’s Tough to Be a Mormon Man

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Mormon men are assholes But these acts alone are NOT what define christianity. So stop acting all self-righteous with your comments about how you must be doing something right. But these are just my opinions anywaysm, Mormon men are assholes is completely entitled to there own. It may sound ridiculous but I'm pretty sure sexually a world couldn't survive in a world where everyone was gay. The Mormon religion is a sick made up joke. Hitachi magic wand orgasm video Germaine greer suck Mormon men are assholes After over years of divergence, the two churches can scarcely be recognized as cousins. Theres this thing, I hear it's called not being perfect, and I hear it's the new thing. Optimism certainly beats the alternative. Mormon men are assholes what really has me baffled. This is a very interesting post.

Can relationships start after a fair bit of time? 17 Feb But a lot of those Mormon kids just took it to a whole different level, probably since they were so sheltered from it for so long. Still, despite that, they mostly kept to # I play basketball at a Mormon Church. They're generally pleasant met a few assholes though so they're just like everyone else lol. 1 Oct All new appointees will be men. Women's ordination isn't the only issue driving some Mormons to question their faith. Following the legalization of same-sex marriage, the Mormon church publicly reaffirmed its opposition to “homosexual behavior” and same-sex unions. Former Mormons also lament a..

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2:45 Hey! My mother who's currently 65 used to have a set just like those. She let me play with them as a kid when I was bored around 20 years ago and.wait. Oh, no. My god. I.I don't think I'll ever feel clean again no matter how much I wash my hands.

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