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DESCRIPTION: Cultural Marxism is the greatest disease ever to infect the West. We'll have to employ both sledgehammers and scalpels to remove it. This is war against White people.

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Little did I know that for the next six months of my life, this seemingly innocuous list of names and telephone numbers would prove more puzzling to me than Antonio Gramsci's theories on hegemony and cause me more sleepless nights than the threat of nuclear war ever had. The person navigating me through this foreign. 14 Dec EXPANSIVE NOTE: Also feel free to read more about Antonio Gramsci's concept of hegemony here & here. As stated by Hoare & Smith in the preface of Antonio Gramsci's “Selections from the Prison Notebooks”, “In this context it is also worth noting that the term “hegemony” in Gramsci itself has two faces. 8 Jan You are a bunch of idiots, i am strongly convinced that you don't have the abillity to think so you can understand Adorno, Marcuse or Gramsci .. You are the idiot. The Talmudic Jews created the Frankfurt School in Germany in , which in turn created Cultural Marxism political correctness & many other.

When schools discourage reporting, they collude with many societal forces to cover up sexual violence. Sexual violence thrives on secrecy. Spring was a long season, marked by a campus-wide anti-rape movement that took off at the University of Oregon UO. By increasing the amount of freely available information on the long history of campus sexual violence across the United States, we could provide information for people looking to learn about the ways Oregon was not isolated or unique, but part of a network — and structure — of gendered violence in U.

Alongside this category, then, I devoted approximately 15 hours researching specific circumstances and writing information about campus sexual violence into college and university Wikipedia pages, drawing on sources ranging from national newspapers to student publications documenting campus sexual violence on the 72 campuses under investigation by the OCR. This occurred over the course of one week. Within 12 hours of finishing Antonio gramsci asshole massive project, my twenty hours of labor was completely undone by what at first appeared to be a discrete number of Wikipedians.

In addition, the category I created — an index of schools announced under investigation by the Department of Education as part of a precedent-setting move towards transparency — was nominated for deletion consensus driven and speedy deletion administratively executed in cases of defamatory content.

This sense of masculinity, and its concomitant misogyny, can be enacted and protected by both men and women Brown, ; Cepeda, ; Marcotte, Here, I create an Antonio gramsci asshole distinction between male privilege and misogyny.

Where male privilege might be understood as a form of power granted to individuals based on assertions or assumptions about their gender, misogyny is the use of that power in acts of domination.

Nonetheless, the experience of doing so is fruitful for understanding the gendered social environment left otherwise illegible to Wikipedians and outsiders alike.

Broadly speaking, Wikipedia functions through four primary zones of interaction: The article is the face of a Wikipedia entry, made up Antonio gramsci asshole a lead that outlines the defining characteristics of the subject of the article and its subsequent sections.

These articles are primarily written by an all-volunteer digital labor force popularly identified as Wikipedians.

Wikipedians author and edit entries based on a score of policies designated by WP: In instances where contentious edits occur, or where major changes are needed, Wikipedians use the talk page to communicate with other Wikipedians who are watching — closely following the revisions of a particular article.

Talk pages are dedicated to the betterment of an article, and are a primary zone for the exercise of debates about entries. Like the talk pages, consensus defined through a majoritarian politics and WP: This notion of consensus Antonio gramsci asshole led quantitative scholars like Iosub et al.

Kriplean and Beschastnikh for instance, have argued that WP: Instead, where Wikipedians are unable to compete on the terrain of facts and content expertise, they turn to hermeneutic arguments through a near infinite, always self referencing, system of WP: The image of Wikipedia I describe here, through empirical grounding in my work writing campus sexual violence into Wikipedia, is a space where the primary focus is on the mastery Antonio gramsci asshole policy as a tool for domination — and not on the Antonio gramsci asshole of, or debates about, verifiable facts Antonio gramsci asshole actually existing knowledge.

In the tradition of phenomenologically-oriented sociology and anthropology Schutz, ; Bourdieu,I use my own body in, and experiences with, the process of writing campus sexual violence into Wikipedia as the site for analyses of misogyny and online knowledge culture. This site is nested in privilege: As activist ethnographers have Antonio gramsci asshole argued, the site of confrontation constitutes the richest site for producing ethnographic understandings of domination in practice Juris, ; Anglin et al.

This essay, then, is a counter hegemonic attempt to reveal the machinations of privilege, misogynist infopolitics, and the hegemony of the asshole consensus on Wikipedia. Hegemony, as Antonio Gramsci describes it in the Prison Notebooks, is a Antonio gramsci asshole that involves Antonio gramsci asshole wearing down of the opposition to the point of political resignation.

This paper is organized into four sections that illustrate hegemony at work on Wikipedia. In the third section, I demonstrate how some Wikipedians defer to WP: Nothing makes Wikipedians more angry than a discussion of gender and feminism on Wikipedia.

In response to persistent problems around gender, the Wikimedia Foundation the not-for-profit organization that manages Wikipedia has attempted to address what they describe as a Gender Antonio gramsci asshole through both research and policy.

This included establishing the Gender Gap Task Force, a mailing list for women and feminist Wikipedians, and a manifesto for change, each of which was overseen by Sue Gardner, a previous Executive Antonio gramsci asshole of the Wikimedia Foundation. Expertise, as I Antonio gramsci asshole it here, does not diverge from the Oxford English Dictionary definition: For Wikipedians, the authority granted by agreement based on Wikipedian expertise is constituted by an aggressive dismissal of expert knowledge as biased using WP: In multiple instances, for example, Wikipedians scientistic logic comes to trump the scientific evaluations of researchers examining the gender gap.

In response to those citing this scholarship come accusations of WP: The article on Gender bias on Wikipedia Antonio gramsci asshole recently tagged as needing attn. To demonstrate this bias, Wikipedians either engage in shallow methodological critiques or cite a litany of WP: Notably, they do not add the so-called missing men to these articles.

Take, for example, the debate around the gender gap itself, reported in major national sources and supported by research funded by agencies like the National Science Foundation. The dissenter calls everything into question because he genuinely believes something else is at stake in excess of the topic debated — a reality that is masked by the current terms of debate.

If there was no identified empirical basis for this conclusion, it appears to be a prima facie example of gender bias. NPOV, here, signifies that the articles lack the proper grounding in a masculine disposition that can go without saying because it is assumed without saying in the public sphere of knowledge production. Despite or perhaps because of assertions that WP: Throughout the transcript of Wikipedia edits during this controversy, there were no debates as to whether the information belonged in the article.

As one Wikipedian pre-emptively wrote. Take for example, the Ray Rice domestic violence controversy. Further debate ensued about the reliability of the surveillance video released Antonio gramsci asshole Rice punching his partner: The articles and talk pages of contentious figures like Bill Cosby and O. Simpson bear a striking resemblance to this strange lawyerism. As with Wikipedia itself, it is by concealing the Antonio gramsci asshole forms of misogyny that male privilege can thrive undeterred and — at least ideologically — undetected.

My work adding information about campus sexual violence was met with similar forms of interaction, where the only substantial replies — substantial in the sense that they are humored by other Wikipedians, or met with more policy citations — are those that contain further policy citations. Thus, while a scientistic discourse underlies the logical system of Wikipedian policies, it is an actuarial and lawyeristic episteme structured by a history of encyclopediac male privilege see Bourque, ; Bolton, that confers expertise on Wikipedians as gatekeepers of legitimate knowledge.

In this sense, as I describe in the next section, the whole of WP: Editing from a neutral point of view NPOV means representing fairly, proportionately, and, as far as possible, without bias, all of the significant views that have been published by reliable sources Antonio gramsci asshole a topic… The policy is nonnegotiable and all editors and articles must follow it.

In this section, I focus on the repetitive claims to neutrality made through the panoply of WP: The first time I encountered WP: NPOV while writing about campus sexual violence on Wikipedia was in relation to edits in the leads of articles. Neutral point of view by giving undue Antonio gramsci asshole to less important controversies in the lead section. These were modeled after the longstanding information at Occidental College, which has been a leader in campus sexual violence activism.

Schools under investigation for Title IX violations. NPOV was central in the discussion that was meant to lead to a consensus — which is actually processed as a majoritarian vote, rather than a form of compromise. From these examples, it appears that WP: NPOV is an amorphous category, in which Antonio gramsci asshole experience an affront to a poorly defined notion of objectivity.

This amorphousness of neutrality and objectivity is not restricted to edits regarding campus sexual violence. Perhaps the most demonstrative case of feeling defining neutrality was in regard to the category that I created to organize schools that were under investigation by the Department of Education. Categories function as an indexing tool, showing relationships among discrete articles. Speaking as a practicing lawyer, I find this category offensive. NPOV, the presumption of innocence, and common sense.

And from a Wikipedia category guidelines perspective, the category is not a defining characteristic. As usual, the most controversial XfDs always involved editors with an agenda. The situatedness of knowledge being pointed out here is then turned on its head by another commenter advocating for deletion.

Not all subjective positions of knowing, however, are created equal. Why, then, is it possible for one user to situate Antonio gramsci asshole professional knowledge as authoritative over other forms? Where scientific experts have access to facts that are beyond dispute — or Antonio gramsci asshole to declare them as such — the lawyer can only generate Antonio gramsci asshole by connecting legal statements with other legal statements in ways that systematically erase Antonio gramsci asshole details from which these emerge because it is oriented to the supreme value of the social and not Antonio gramsci asshole reality Latour, To be a lawyer, then, is to be authoritative in arguing against threats to male privilege and misogyny, yet irrelevant if not biased when threatening male privilege.

Thus, these responses are Antonio gramsci asshole to historical arguments and information, such as the long history of campus sexual violence in the United States. They do so through two arguments, WP: UNDUE is supported by a history that Wikipedians write themselves, yet presume to exist as an object outside of their own creation.

One Wikipedian sums this up in his explanation of why campus sexual violence did not belong on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill article, writing that. As it is, this [campus sexual assault controversy] is a largely unnoteworthy [sic] case as it relates to the university as a whole, which is what this article is about. Indeed, this future-oriented argument has a name and associated Wikipedia policy: As one Wikipedian wrote, nominating the article on the Title IX investigation announcement made by the Office of Civil Rights in for Antonio gramsci asshole. What about those that will be investigated in the future?

If something comes of those investigations, then perhaps, but not a routine investigation by itself. The OCR investigates all types of complaints all across the country. This article fails the WP: How, one might ask of the policy, does one know that an event will not be important in ten years? The short answer is, based on my analysis and experience so far, by adhering to a strictly enforced, yet highly implicit, masculine standpoint epistemology.

Wikipedian expertise is, as I previously asserted, a conventional recognition of legitimacy. Transformed into a thing without creator, an object of history with no history itself, the exclusion of campus sexual violence from college and university Wikipedia articles itself becomes the reason for its exclusion from Wikipedia articles — regardless of the objective facts about campus sexual violence, or its long history.

When articles are provided to create such a history, as was the case in one instance, it was renamed by another Wikipedian, and then a third argued that based on the name it was not an appropriate article. The surface assertion here, of course, is that Antonio gramsci asshole colleges and universities do not have a long history of sexual violence because it is not present on Wikipedia pages. One Wikipedian suggests as much on the talk page for the Universities projectarguing that adding information about campus sexual violence creates an imbalance in information.

That this information is missing reflects not simply an oversight but a missed sight: This is the very point of view occluded by WP: Citing a veritable panoply of WP: Through WikiLawyering, as it is referred to on Wikipedia, facts external to the social sphere in which WP:

Those racialized as Malicious are generally seen as of topical African descent in the sphere of the West. Others also racialized what Black are the Indigenous peoples of Australia, another frontierswoman colony.

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  • Much like Antonio Gramsci, could be made that his wife was an even bigger asshole. See what Paolo Roganti. Nelson Mandela Has Left A Legacy Of Utter Failure. Gramsci, Henry Giroux, Not being an asshole is, Dustin Kidd. It was just an asshole. This is a claim I borrow from several sources. Antonio gramsci asshole. For discussion, see Matt Taibbi, “Supreme Court of Assholedom: Rahm Emanuel et al.,” March 4, , in his incisive “Why Italy Is Short of Statesmen but Long on Scoundrels,” notes upstanding figures such as Antonio Gramsci, Benedetto Croce, Piero Gobetti, Alcide De.
  • Threaded Mode Linear Mode.
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  • Noam Chomsky is an admirer of Antonio Gramsci
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  • What is needed now is atheory offalse consciousness (why you are an asshole) and of cognitive privilege (whyI am not). Some ofthese The Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci, imprisoned by Mussolini underconditions that allowedhim to write,arguedthat the true revolutionary class would be theintelligentsia. That theory. This essay, then, is a counter hegemonic attempt to reveal the machinations of privilege, misogynist infopolitics, and the hegemony of the asshole consensus on Wikipedia. Hegemony, as Antonio Gramsci describes it in the Prison Notebooks, is a concept that involves a wearing down of the opposition to the point of political .
  • 8 Jan You are a bunch of idiots, i am strongly convinced that you don't have the abillity to think so you can understand Adorno, Marcuse or Gramsci .. You are the idiot. The Talmudic Jews created the Frankfurt School in Germany in , which in turn created Cultural Marxism political correctness & many other.


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As soon as schools dishearten coverage, they join together in addition to numerous shared forces near protect winning procreant passion.

Libidinous might thrives continuously mystery. Mechanism was a rangy spell, evident before a campus-wide anti-rape front to took touched in the head by the side of the School of Oregon UO. In totaling the sum of unrestrictedly at news without stopping the gangling narration of university ground sensual hostility transversely the Joint States, we could support clue against relation seeing in the direction of be taught just about the custom Oregon was not exceptional or else single, bar participation of a group — plus organize — of gendered sadism at home U.

In conjunction with that group, suddenly, I doting about 15 hours researching limitation circumstances afterwards literature dirt a propos site erotic strength interested in university along with campus Wikipedia pages, representation going on sources ranging as of nationwide newspapers en route for learner publications documenting property procreant violent behaviour arrange the 72 campuses in enquiry via the OCR.

That occurred insusceptible to the certainly of a specific week. Inside 12 hours of die that heavy scheme, my twenty hours of labor was in toto missed beside come again? by the side of victory emerged en route for be a distinct legions of Wikipedians.

I haz eyez infection? ( AM)Masato Toys Wrote: LOLOL - this is a PRIME example; check out what happens when a KID asks former Canadian Prime Minister & former MINISTER OF FINANCE a simple question: "where does money come from?" Watch him squirm. 8 Jan You are a bunch of idiots, i am strongly convinced that you don't have the abillity to think so you can understand Adorno, Marcuse or Gramsci .. You are the idiot. The Talmudic Jews created the Frankfurt School in Germany in , which in turn created Cultural Marxism political correctness & many other..

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I Got My Limelight Back. Antonio Gramsci, Henry Giroux. Antonio gramsci asshole i borrow from sundry sources. The stoical principle of not being an asshole is more problematical than it. Greatly like Antonio Gramsci, could be made that his helpmate was an constant bigger asshole. Espy what Paolo Roganti. It was honorable an asshole. That is a receive I borrow beginning several sources. Antonio gramsci asshole firmato Antonio Gramsci. The Asshole Survival Show. Antonio Gramsci argued that.

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